How To Get Into Cecania's Private Party
In Just Three Easy Steps (PayPal required)

STEP 1: Click here to register on the Cecania's Private Party Forums. Remember your EXACT username (case sensitive), it's important for the next step.

STEP 2: Sign up for your Cecania's Private Party membership (starting with a ONE-WEEK FREE TRIAL) using PayPal. Enter your EXACT Forum username in the box below and then press the "PayPal SUBSCRIBE" button.

Your Exact CPP Forum Username (Case Sensitive)

STEP 3: Wait patiently while CPP Central validates your account (shouldn't take more than 24 hours). After they do, you'll be able to access the PRIVATE CPP FORUMS and start receiving CPP E-Mails. You'll be down with CPP, the place you wanna be... at.